About me? The only really important thing is that I’m finally taking the leap — I’m writing. I’ve loved writing all my life but for whatever reason never thought of myself as a writer. Then my sister challenged me to participate in Nanowrimo — National Novel Writing Month — at which I failed miserably but it did get me started on a novel that had been brewing in my mind (okay, more like slow cooking … very very very slow cooking) for the last 20 years. Since then I’ve been working on it diligently (mostly) and taking classes, joined a writing group, even submitted a few things and lived through having them all rejected. So I guess that makes me a writer! Now it’s time to start “building a platform” and, hence, blogging.

I wonder if I have anything useful to say, anything that anyone might want to read, but then I think, we all share common experiences in this life. They’re just wrapped up a little differently. So if I share with you something in my experience, maybe it will help you with something you’re going through. Or at least maybe it’ll make you laugh.


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