We had a plan

Today I’m linking up for Five Minute Friday.  FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “rest.”


We had a plan. We had the rest of our lives pretty well mapped out. We’d both worked hard for many years, raised a couple of great kids who were now raising their own kids. We’d suffered through a physical – not marital – separation of seven years, seeing each other a half dozen times a year while he worked 1600 miles away from me and I stayed in California to be close to my elderly and ailing mother and build up a decent retirement.

Now, though, it was time to put our plan into action. My mom had passed away, I had enough time in to get the retirement I needed, and I had joined my husband in Missouri.  He had sold his business to our younger son and, after a two-year transition, was finally sorta kinda almost not working there anymore.

Time to begin the rest of our lives.  Time to start traveling a little.  See the ciceberg_lakemichiganountry.  Spend more time with our other son and his family back in California.  Visit the states we’d never seen before.  New England in the fall, the deep south, the Pacific Northwest to see my family.  On my bucket list was a desire to see Lake Michigan in the dead of winter, when it’s frozen.  (I know; I’m just weird that way.)

That was our plan.

Then God whispered – or maybe shouted is a better word – “I’ve got a different plan for you.”

We got The Diagnosis.

Funny how two words can change the rest of your life.

Now instead of planning trips to New England and California, we are planning trips to the cancer center for chemo.  Instead of checking out campgrounds near Lake Michigan, we are looking for one near the hospital where my husband will have his surgery in the fall, where we will need to stay for five or six weeks.

But this we know is true: We might have been blindsided, but none of this was a surprise to God.  He knew from before the beginning of time what our path would be.  He provided me with a job that provided me with a retirement that included lifetime medical insurance.

This is not what we had planned, but it’s what God had planned, and there’s a reason.  Maybe it’s just a detour; maybe it’s a complete change of direction.  Maybe God will place our feet on a whole new path.

We don’t know how this will come out.  But my husband is strong and determined, and he will not go gentle into that good night.  We will fight, and whatever the outcome, we will win, because of this one fact: God has the rest of our lives, whatever they may be, in His good hands.

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12 Responses to We had a plan

  1. Gabriele says:

    Your story is so poignant. I am buoyed up by your husband’s strong determination to fight. Thank-you for sharing your struggle and faith.

  2. Visiting from FMF. An all-too-frequent story that keeps reinforcing who is really in control. It’s our faith that keeps us going even when OUR plans get sidetracked. Hang in there. You are loved and being prayed for by a host of FMF friends.

  3. Susan, your determination to follow God’s plan, whatever the rest of it is, inspires me deeply. I pray He will give you a steady peace and a richer joy in the midst of this harder road. And I hope you get to see the ice-castle lighthouses on Lake Michigan in the dead of winter. Brrr…

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Your trust in God and His plan continues to inspire me. You and Bill are in my prayers.

  5. Praying that you will be able to find true rest in the midst of this “unexpected” plan.

  6. Marie says:

    I don’t even have the words with which to encourage you. The Lord is with you both. I pray that He will heal your husband through whatever means will bring Him the most glory and you the most good.

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