The Color of Hope

Today I’m writing for Five Minute Friday, where we write flat out for five minutes, unedited, on a one-word prompt. Join the fun with your own post or just read what others have done with their 300 seconds. Check it out at Today’s word is Paint.

When my boys were little, I would point out the things of nature, the beautiful sunsets or the flowers growing wild along the side of the road, the daffodils bursting like sunshine through ground that had been covered with snow just days before, and I would say, Look, see what God has painted for you?  He didn’t have to make the world beautiful; He could have made it bleak and utilitarian, but He chose to make it beautiful, to bring us joy and happiness and pleasure.

It always thrilled me.  My favorite painting of His was that deep, midnight blue skmidnight sky2y – you know the one, the sky right before complete darkness, when the stars are maybe just starting to peak out and the color is almost indescribable, not black, not blue, not indigo, but a blend of all those colors into
something only God could come up with.


This winter has been long.  And hard.  And bleak.  Not just outside, either.  Inside my soul.  There have been moments of great joy, of love and laughter and happiness.  There have been moments of deep despair.  But finally spring seemed to come, and God started painting some color back into my life.  The things that were breaking my heart were being mended.  I knew it would be a long road to summer, but I was optimistic.

And then today happened.  And the world turned bleak again.  The color drained out of it. And I thought, I can’t stand another disappointment.  Another heartbreak.

As I sat staring out the window at the gray sky and the murky water of the river, at the trees whose buds seemed so beautiful yesterday but today just look dull, feeling drained and a little hopeless, my eyes focused on a scraggly little tree sticking haphazardly out the side of the hill.  Covered with little red buds.  I could almost see God with a paintbrush in His hand, dabbing little bits of red at the ends of the branches.

It was like, in Schindler’s List, the little girl in the red coat.  A splash of color in the midst photo (1)of a tragic black and white world.  A splash of hope.

God reminded me, with that little redbud tree, that He is still here, and He is still God.  He hasn’t given up.  And I will never give up on the people I love.


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6 Responses to The Color of Hope

  1. Powerful, heart felt post… I am praying with you, for you… that Spring will come in full force, with all the promises of Summer too! We are neighbors over at Lisa Jo’s this morning and I am glad that I stopped by!

  2. Susan says:

    Thank you. I’m not usually a doom-and-gloom writer; today was just a hard day and it poured out of me before I knew it. Therapeutic writing, I guess. 🙂 All prayers are welcome and appreciated.

  3. K Smith says:

    this was beautiful, and needed, and if I were and echo right now, it would be of this. You never know how much someone else needs to know they are not alone in the bleakness. Bless you. -An FMF neighbor

    • Susan says:

      Bless you right back. Not knowing you, not knowing the source of your bleakness, I am still lifted up and strengthened by you. Isn’t it a testament to God’s grace when someone just comes alongside you and stands next to you as you just did with me? Shoulder to shoulder even though we’ve never met. There are battles to be fought, my friend. I will pray for you.

  4. Sue says:

    I enjoyed your post, and sense something familiar in both the color and the bleak you described … and believe it or not – familiarity with a lesson with my own Red Bud tree…

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