Today I’m writing for Five Minute Friday, where we write flat out for five minutes, unedited, on a one-word prompt.  Join the fun with your own post or just read what others have done with their 300 seconds. Check it out at  Today’s word is Brave.

Project Brave Hearts

My daughter-in-law, Stacey, with a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, and her CPA license, making the decision not to 417913_10151469258984475_1853396778_ngo back to work after her maternity leave was up even though it meant taking a huge financial hit because she believed staying at home with baby Paige was more important.

My other daughter-in-law, Chelsea, a real California girl, up and moving 1600 miles away from her friends and family at age 23 to the middle of nowhere in Missouri because she was in love with my son and that’s where he lived.

My sister, Robin, whose story can’t be told in one sentence.  A stay-at-home mom of seven who home schooled her children, she returned to college herself in her 40’s, graduated first in her class, and rose to the top of her profession to the point of being sought after by headhunters from one side of the country to the other.  She had some tough, tough times, times that would test the faith of the most faithful.  And they tested hers.  Yet here she is, on the other side, having been buffeted but never broken, stronger in her faith than ever, stronger in her marriage than ever, closer to her children than ever.

And my mom, whose last five years were filled with one health problem after another, who was in and out of the hospital, had COPD, had breast cancer, had fluid on her lungs that we had to drain externally every day for nearly a year, just one thing after another after another, but who kept fighting, kept getting up and getting dressed and, when she could, going out to play bridge with the ladies at the club or getting her hair done or her nails done.  Even when she had to lug oxygen around with her.  Even when she hurt.  Even when it was hard to move.  Because giving up wasn’t something she did.

My heroes.

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13 Responses to Bravehearts

  1. Gabby says:

    Such sweet heroes too. I know they’re dear to your heart. Those are, indeed, such brave women. I’m glad you shared about them. I enjoyed 5 Minute Friday. This was my first time to do it!

    • Susan says:

      They are the dearest women in my life. Welcome to FMF! Your post was great! I hope you will continue. Thanks for coming by.

  2. stephiekaye says:

    Your heroes are inspiring!! The calling of Motherhood is a call to bravery…This post was a sweet tribute!!

    • Susan says:

      Thank you. I have such respect and admiration for Stacey and her choice to stay home with Paige. She really is a hero! Thanks for reading.

  3. shortybear says:

    Such a nice post.

  4. Crystal says:

    Honoring of brave in a cherishing way.

  5. amypboyd says:

    Thank you for sharing your bravehearts with us all. It is always so encouraging to know others that have stood up and been brave for themselves.

    • Susan says:

      Sometimes it’s easier to be brave for others than for ourselves. These women are true heroes to me. I love them all. Thanks for coming by.

  6. Sue says:

    Loved your post… Everyone on FMF has such a different point of view. I loved that you showed off you’re brave family members. Very sweet.

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