Here — A Five Minute Friday Post

Today I’m writing for Five Minute Friday, where we write flat out for five minutes, unedited, on a one-word prompt.  Today’s word – here.  Join the fun with your own post or just read what others have done with their 300 seconds.  Check it out at

“Here” has so many possibilities that I am at a loss to pick one and write about it.  Maybe it’s my stage in life.  Maybe it’s the hour.  Maybe it’s the third cup of coffee.  So let’s where the caffeine takes us.

I’ve lived here, in this state, for 43 years, and in a few months I’ll be moving half way across the country.  The last six years I’ve been here while my husband has lived and worked 1,600 miles away, and now, finally, I’m going to retire and we’ll be together again.  And that’s a very good thing.

But still, I won’t be here anymore.  In this state, or in this house, or in this life.

And how did I ever get here, to this point?  To this age?  When did my kids grow up?  Sometimes it seems like forever ago that they were babies, then toddlers, then in grade school and junior high and high school.  And other times it really does seem like just yesterday, even though that’s very cliché. 

So how did I get here, to retirement?  To grandmotherhood?  To leaving my job and my home and my state and half my family and going there instead of here?

It all overwhelms me when I think of it, when I think I’m closer to 60 than 50 now and life is flying by so fast.  And then I take a breath and remember exactly how I got here.

God brought me here.  He had this all planned out long, long ago.  He walked alongside me, opening and closing doors, nudging me when I hesitated, guiding me when I asked, letting me make the wrong turns I chose to make and welcoming me back to the right path when I returned. 

I might not feel like I’m quite ready to for this, to leave my here for a new there, but God’s still right here with me, and He’ll be there with me too. 

So, okay. Let’s go.Image

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14 Responses to Here — A Five Minute Friday Post

  1. Maxine says:

    Wow! big changes, and the kids do grow up fast – I just spread mine out – a lot. lol I wish you peace as you take on this move and lots of happiness when you are no longer “here”.

  2. I can’t wait to see where HE takes you. I sure hope you will write about it.

  3. shortybear says:

    Pray for you to find contentment in your new here.

  4. benbidder says:

    Oh yes! We just moved across the country ourselves, from AZ to NC. While times are a little tough at the moment, I just have a feeling we were supposed to come here still. I really hope to read more about your journey!!

  5. Susan says:

    I’m sure I’ll write about it … gotta vent somewhere, right? Thanks for popping in. I’ll keep you in my prayers as you figure out your new “here,’ too!

  6. Meredith D says:

    6 years????? Oh wow. I am rejoicing with you for being able to be reunited again.
    I love this post– I love the tone- the overwhelmed, exasperation, tinged with awe, and then outright gratitude to our Father in heaven.

    Amen. 🙂

  7. Susan says:

    Thanks, Meredith. I really loved yours, too.

  8. Wick says:

    May God be with you as you let go of “here” in order to move “here”. 🙂 Good things can come from such faith as you move forward..

  9. Eileen says:

    “God brought me here. He had this all planned out long, long ago. He walked alongside me, opening and closing doors…: Amen to that! It’s amazing sometime to pause and look back at all ways He’s guided us perfectly.

  10. Susan says:

    It is, Eileen! You’d think we’d learn to never, ever doubt Him for our futures, knowing how well He has handled our pasts, but we still do. I guess a successful life’s journey is one in which we learn to doubt less and trust more. Thanks for coming by!

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