Easter — A Knolltop Experience?

It’s Easter Sunday, and I’ve been struggling with a sense of disappointment ever since I left church this morning.  Why?  The message was good – full of the hope and promise that is Easter.  The fellowship was great – I got to see all the regulars and then some.  And of course the fashion rocked – my favorite is always the little girls in their frilly dresses and little boys in bow ties and Easter vests.  So why the let down?

Because we didn’t sing Christ the Lord is Risen Today.  Or Up From the Grave He Arose.  Or even He Lives.

We sang other songs, good songs, even great songs.  I love the music in our church because we blend contemporary worship music with classic hymns, and it seems as if few churches sing the old hymns at all anymore.  I’m so grateful we do, and I don’t want to be one of “those” people who just isn’t ever happy. 

Pastor Mike even talked a little bit about how hard it is for the worship leader to strike a balance that makes everyone happy.  Maybe he knew that we old timers would be waiting, today, for the Easter songs we always sing.  Every. Single. Year.  And maybe he wanted to forestall the vocalization of our complaints.

He obviously doesn’t know about blogging.

So I came home on this most holy of Christian holy days less uplifted than usual.  My Easter mountaintop was more like a knoll.  I puttered around and cleaned up the house and did the mundane chores that needed to be done with a little bit of an attitude and a little bit of a sad sack face on. 

Because we didn’t sing the Easter songs.  And it’s just not Easter without Christ the Lord is Risen Today.

Except – it is.  It is Easter.  It is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  All this past week we’ve been remembering Christ’s suffering and death.  And today we celebrate his victory over death, which is also our victory over death.

Saying certain words, or singing certain songs, doesn’t make it so.  The empty grave makes it so.

I forgot, for a little while today, that the source of my joy, today especially but every day, is the love Jesus has for me.  It’s not a song someone wrote.  It’s just this: that while I was still a sinner, Jesus died for me.

And then He rose again.

Christ, the Lord, is Risen today.  Hallelujah!


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